How to get your firearms licence

How do I obtain my firearms licence in South Australia?
No matter if you want to hunt or shoot in a club, if you wish to own your own firearm (including air rifles) you will need to apply for a firearm licence.
Here is a link to SA Police’s website which will give you all the information you require.

You must submit an application to obtain the ‘permission to train’ letter from the SA Police Firearms Branch.

Rifles & Hunting:

If you are applying for a licence for rifles and shotgun for hunting, you will need to complete a Tafe Course, this will be detailed in you ‘permission to train’ letter.


If you wish to obtain a Handgun licence you will need to be a member of a club, this can be done after the application, once you receive your ‘permission to train’ letter back from SAPOL.

Depending on which type of discipline you wish to shoot, depends on which club you would be best joining.
We will sum it up with 2 local southern suburb clubs.

Noarlunga City Pistol Club. Target pistol shooting, the need for complete accuracy is needed on various distant targets.

Southern Vales Practical Shooting League. This is an IPSC Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun club, this type of shooting is quick and you are on the move. Accuracy and speed is the name of the game.

What is IPSC?

This video will give you an idea what happens in IPSC shoots. It's fast, fun and challenging. You need both speed and accuracy to compete at a high standard.


Credit to The Rad Guy for the video which was taken at the IPSC Nationals 2016. Held at our local IPSC Club Southern Vales.