Safety at The Gunnery

Safety is our prime concern at The Gunnery, we want to make sure you have a fun and safe experience when shooting with us on our shooting range.  

All non-licenced people who wish to shoot will use guns that are tethered, this means that the gun cannot point anywhere that it shouldn’t and will always be pointing down range.
As a person you will also be tethered (see below), this will not affect your shooting in anyway. The feedback people have given us; they forget it is there as soon as they start shooting.

Body Tether

The Gunnery Body Tether is designed to prevent excessive forward movement toward the gun.
Whilst we want you to have fun at The Gunnery we also want to ensure that safety comes first.
The body tether does not restrict your shooting in any way. The general feedback we get is that people don’t notice it.


Gun Tether

The Gunnery Gun Tether is designed to give you maximum safety without reducing any recoil of the gun.
The gun can’t be turned any more that 45 degrees and can’t be accidently moved from pointing down range, especially during reloading. The great thing about this system is that you still get the full experience of shooting a gun but with 100% safety.
If you have a fear of the recoil, don’t.  Our tethering will catch the gun before you can possibly hurt yourself (yes, we’ve all seen the YouTube videos of people hitting themselves).
We can assure you with our instruction and safety devices you will enjoy your experience of shooting.

Shooting at The Gunnery Shooting Range

What our customers are saying

"Our Chair Woman and myself, were given the opportunity by owner Peter to experience the shooting range. I have to say, we had an absolute ball, the thing that stood out the most for me was how safe I felt and how controlled the booth is, making the experience smooth, safe and fun. I certainly recommend that if you have reservations regarding the Gunnery as did our chairwoman, go in and speak with Peter and he will guide you through the process.
I really do see now, why shooting is popular and one of the safest sports in this Country."

Christies Beach Business & Tourism Association