As you should be aware by now the storage laws have changed. Don't risk a fine or potentially losing your firearms licence.
SAPOL are ramping up inspections and you need to be compliant, no ifs no buts, it’s your responsibility.

The legislated 12-month period provided from 1 July 2017 to support firearm licensees in transition to the new firearms legislation expired at midnight on 30 June 2018.

As of 1 July 2018, all firearms licensees have been required to comply with the provisions of Schedule 1 – Code of Practice for the Security, Storage and Transport of Firearms, Ammunition and Related Items of the Firearms Regulations 2017, which requires firearms to be stored in steel safes of varying specifications and by other methods depending on the number and type of firearms possessed.

The majority of firearm owners have taken steps to comply with the new legislation during the transition period and a number are working through requirements with Firearms Branch.

It is known in some cases recent demand for compliant safes has exceeded supplies currently available at some retail outlets. Licensees who have not yet upgraded their safe or achieved compliance by other means, but who are able to produce evidence of having ordered a new safe (e.g. receipt, invoice, purchase order) or are actively in the process of achieving compliance in the short term are advised to produce those documents or evidence to police officers if the need arises. This includes those who have received Registrar approval for the use of prescribed safes or storage in some other manner as approved by the Registrar.

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