The team from Eagleye came up with another great idea to help you shoot with stability and control whilst you are out spotlighting. Gone are the days of resting your rifle out of the window against your wing mirror. Your rifle is stowed safely and is ready to go at moments notice.

There are two options with the Racken Rest, short or a long rest to make sure it will fit any window in seconds, no more damaging your paintwork on the door. I would strongly recommend adding the double swivel mount as this give better positioning for the rifle.
Whilst you’re driving around the paddock your rifle is held outside of the window in the secure mounting of the Racken Rest. It can be mounted in either your left or right windows in seconds, removal is just as quick.

There are added attachments available for a spot light, which I found very useful especially when out spotlighting on my own. Built to the highest quality Racken Rest is a must.

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